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Womens Health

We offer advice on all forms of contraception and family planning. We offer a range of contraception options from long-acting methods such as the Mirena coil or the Implanon (the bar), to hormone-free options such as the copper coil, as well as the pill, patch, injection and emergency contraception options.

Contraceptive counselling and all contraceptive choices are available free of charge to women aged 17-26 years of age and this will extend in the future to other age groups in line with government policy.

Pregnancy Health – If you are pregnant or planning to conceive we offer pre-pregnancy advice and planning, free combined antenatal care with all of Dublin’s maternity hospitals, antenatal vaccinations, as well as postnatal mother and baby care.

If you and your partner are having fertility issues please contact us to discuss the first steps in exploring investigations and treatment pertaining to fertility.

We are available to discuss health around the menopause and advise on the safest options to minimise symptoms and promote health through the menopause and afterwards.

If you are having continence issues after childbirth or later in life please contact our nurse or doctors to discuss treatment options.

Preventative medicine is best and we offer cervical screening, breast checks and screening for Diabetes, Cholesterol and other illnesses.

Cervical Smears are available free from age 25-60, and outside this age group if required. Please register at www.cervicalcheck.ie

Dr Edel Harney has a particular interest in women’s health and is happy to discuss any issues you may wish to address.